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Automation with Ansible : Open-Source Ansible Book


I and my dear friend Adham has started working on an open source ansible(open-source automation and orchestration engine) book project back in January.

We have finally put some effort to make the initial release. Currently there are 8 Chapters in the book, however from here on we want to improve and add new chapters in future, which also means anyone who want to write a chapter, or make a correction is welcome to do so. Therefore initial version will only contain several chapters, and we will try our best to add new chapters and make corrections.

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Improving problem-solving skills for developers

In previous article (Introduction to Problem-Solving) I have outlined some of the relevant research regarding problem-solving. In this article I will touch some points which may help programmers to enhance their problem-solving ability. As it has been mention in previous article : problem-solving abilities are considered as one of the key skills of programmers, therefore learning more about how we solve and not solve problems could possibility brings us further. Here are several tips which may help you regarding problem-solving.

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Introduction to Problem-Solving

Problem solving is part of our daily life. Despite solving problems is important for everybody, for programmers, problem solving skill has a different value. It is consider as one of the key skills in profession. Sommerville (2010) argued that it is one of the key factors that should influence the selection of staff. Gomes & Mendes (2007) argued that major cause of the students’ failure in introductory programming course is the lack of problem solving ability.

Note: This is an article that is fractionalized in two parts. In this part relevant psychological research regarding problem-solving is outlined. In next article, topic how should programmers solve the problems will be outlined.

The process of problem solving is complicated and there are still no theory of how problem-solving works. However we are almost certain that problem solving requires knowledge, judgement, decision making, pattern recognition, information gathering skills, personality, emotion, perception, creative or lateral thinking. It has been argued that by studying problem-solving we might be able understand how problems are solved effectively as well as what goes wrong when a problem can’t be solved. Continue Reading →